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What We Offer

Outside The Home
Outside water valves (On/Off) Irrigation valves 
Power to irrigation timer 
Dead/dying plants/weeds 
Check for irrigation leaks 
Visible signs of vandalism 
Check for wind/storm damage 
 Remove trash/debris 
Check doors, windows, screens 
Check for gate locked 
Check HVAC/debris
Inside The Home
Check doors and windows 
Check fire suppression system 
Check smoke/CO detectors 
Check water buckets 
Check for pests 
Run all water faucets 
Run all tubs/showers 
Flush all toilets 
Check A/C thermostat 
Check/Replace A/C filters 
Ceiling Fans (On/Off) 
Run garbage disposal 
Check R/O unit 
Run dishwasher 
Run washing machine 
Turn on gas stove 
Check refrigerator temps 
Check wine chiller/freezer temps 
Water plants 
The Garage
Check garage door
Check solar inverter/green light 
Check GFI outlet
Check water heater 
Check water softener
What Our Clients Are Saying



We are so happy with Hospitality Home Watch! They are so personable with great attention to details. We will use their services again!



Hospitality Home Watch was able to save us hundreds of dollars when they discovered an unknown water leak in our bathroom. If it wasn’t for them, the damage would have been extensive and cost us so much more.



Peace of mind is important to us. Hospitality Home Watch allowed us to leave our Arizona home in their care with ease.



We have used Hospitality Home Watch twice now and can’t say enough about the services they provide for our home in Arizona. Their staff is courteous, timely and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Hospitality Home Watch!