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Professional Home Watch Business with Hospitality Advantage

Hospitality Home Watch and Services™ recognizes that your home represents a significant investment. Our remarkable professionals have first-hand experience, knowledge, and the skill set that allows them to be customer-focused, reliable, and trustworthy. We are committed to protecting, nurturing, and preserve the sanctuary you call home.

Our Personalized Services

Exterior Home:

  • Walk house perimeter for any damage,
  • pests, or leaks.
  • Collect any flyers, newspapers,
  • or advertising pieces.
  • Report on landscape maintenance,
  •  plant, or irrigation needs.
  • Visually inspect any drainage issues.
  • Check visible signs of vandalism.
  • Remove trash/debris.
  • Check gates or lights working correctly.
  • Visual check of A/C equipment.
  • Visual inspection of pool and/or spa.
  • Visual inspection roof/gutters
    from ground level.

Interior Home:
  • Check windows & doors.
  • Check ceiling fans (on/off). 
  • Check water bucket needs. 
  • Check for signs of pest infestation. 
  • Check refrigerator/freezer/wine chiller. 
  • Run faucets in sinks, tubs, and showers. 
  • Flush Toilets to ensure working correctly. 
  • Check under sinks for any water leaks. 
  • Check ceiling for signs of leaks or issues. 
  • Verify A/C or heater thermostat functions. 
  • Check hot water heater for visible leaks. 
  • Check all appliances throughout home. 
  • Run dishwasher and washing machine. 
  • Check smoke detectors/batteries. 
  • Check closets and pantries. 
  • Check main water valve.
The Garage
  • Check garage door. 
  • Check solar inverter/green light. 
  • Check GFI outlet. 
  • Check water softener tablets. 
  • Confirm operating refrigerators or sinks. 
  • Check water heater. 
  • Check for signs of pest infestation. 
  • Check auto/golf cart converter.

Personalized Upgraded Services List Upon Request

What Our Clients Are Saying



Hospitality Home Watch was able to save us hundreds of dollars when they discovered an unknown water leak in our bathroom. If it wasn’t for them, the damage would have been extensive and cost us so much more.



We are so happy with Hospitality Home Watch! They are so personable with great attention to details. We will use their services again!



We have used Hospitality Home Watch twice now and can’t say enough about the services they provide for our home in Arizona. Their staff is courteous, timely and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Hospitality Home Watch!



Peace of mind is important to us. Hospitality Home Watch allowed us to leave our Arizona home in their care with ease.

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